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The Knotted Wick Chicks Candle Line

The Knotted Wick Chicks Candle Line

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These girls each have a unique style all their own! 

The Yogi- she’s mindful with the clean aroma of oakmoss and amber with light tones of mandarin and Palo santo. 

The Cowgirl- she’s everything country is made of! Her wild spirit is a mix of genuine leather soft and luxurious mixed with warm tones of amber and vanilla. 

She’s my favorite bitch- one margarita two margarita three margarita you end up being everyone’s favorite bitch 😆! She’s a mix of mango margarita with a splash of pineapple grapefruit purée and topped of with vanilla coconut. 

Diva- Shes all things drama, fashion, and success! she's based off of the tyler laundry co. 

Come on Barbie Let's go Party!!- Shes iconic! she's lovely, she's sweet. Shes a Barbie girl! scented with warm sugared vanilla she's all things girly! 

Moody Bitch- she's the seductive type. mixed with jasmine florals and woodsy musk tones. Shes the moody type you can't live without. 

Classy AF- with fruity top notes, floral middle notes, and warm vanilla musk under tones she checks off all the boxes. She's a classy girl who knows what she wants. 


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