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The Arizona Candle Line

The Arizona Candle Line

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The Arizona Line is all things Arizona! From the mountain rains in the north and the wet desert after a summer monsoon rain. 


Arizona- Arizona is a desert dream of creosote, palo santo, tobacco and amber. this will take you into the heart of the desert... don't forget your water!

Arizona Heat- its getting hot in here!!! Chili pepper HOT! a Mix of hot Chilis and the cooling of the sweet oranges from the groves in Mesa.. a wild west mix you should not deny yourself! 

Wet Creosote- if you ever get to smell the desert after a monsoon you know that amazing smell... we captured it into one of our best selling candles! with notes of creosote, cedarwood, ivy and moss you'll never miss an Arizona monsoon again. 

Bonnie & Clyde- The infamous duo! And I'm not talking about the thieves... I'm talking about our friends in Mesa! The Bonnie & Clyde Hair Salon! They have a special place on our list... Why? well because it was the first shop we called home! Bonnie & Clyde was made for this amazing salon! With notes of Palo Santo, Cedar, Cactus and Mango it's quickly becoming a top selling! 

Dusk- Summer dusk.. that time of day the little bit of coolness comes after a long hot day. The colors in the sky go wild.. the notes of cactus and blossoms mixed with musky wood tones capture the Arizona sunsets in a smell 

Mountain Rain- Rain running through the Mogollon Rim in early spring. It's the woods mixed with earth and water.. A connection to nature when you light your candle. 

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